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Miller High Life 1-second Ads

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Forum Name: 2009 Superbowl XLIII AD REVIEW
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Topic: Miller High Life 1-second Ads
Posted By: ForumAdmin
Subject: Miller High Life 1-second Ads
Date Posted: 29 Jan 2009 at 4:16am
Making a phenomenal marketing move,
Miller High Life has bought 30 separate 1-second ads during this year's Super Bowl.
I think it's a great idea!
They get to remind viewers of Miller High Life 30 separate times during the game.
I am guessing these wil be among thr most memorable ads this year.

See them all here: -

Posted By: FaithSF
Date Posted: 29 Jan 2009 at 4:54am
Those are great!  I especially loved "Wo-jo-ho-wicz!"  Also, the bark and when he sang. 

Posted By: Big Momma
Date Posted: 29 Jan 2009 at 12:18pm
I really like these! LOL

Posted By: Ad nauseous
Date Posted: 29 Jan 2009 at 2:26pm
LOL these are hilarious even without sound.

1 second ads!Thumbs%20Up

One good thing about TV-you could always turn it off

Posted By: Triple J
Date Posted: 30 Jan 2009 at 4:11am
Wow... 30 separate seconds of pure sh*t. Well done, Miller. Now f**k off.

Posted By: Jimmy
Date Posted: 01 Feb 2009 at 12:17pm
Miller delivery man is my favourite ad character. I love ads featuring him!

One man gathers what another man spills

Posted By: britastar
Date Posted: 01 Feb 2009 at 3:21pm

Omg...instant love for the actor...too effin' funny.  These are great. We'll be seeing this guy everywhere now.  Well done, Miller.


Posted By: Thor
Date Posted: 01 Feb 2009 at 4:15pm
I like 'em.  More than that, I like the concept.  I enjoy when advertisers play with the medium.  I liked those Energizer bunny commercials when they came out in the 80's.
But these Miller spots remind me of a trick Coca-Cola (or maybe it was Pepsi, or maybe it was the actual theater) used to play in theaters decades ago.  They'd flash a split-second picture of a glass of Coke or a message to "Drink Coke" on the screen, in an apparent attempt to prey on one's "need" for a Coke from the refreshment stand.  I think that advertising technique became illegal.

Posted By: Hootman
Date Posted: 01 Feb 2009 at 4:23pm
Is that what they called "subliminal" ads?

Posted By: Thor
Date Posted: 01 Feb 2009 at 8:47pm
Yep.  Like the S-E-X supposedly styled into Farrah Fawcett's hair in that red bathing suit poster many years ago.  And those same letters imprinted very tiny onto Playboy centerfolds in the 50's and 60's.

Posted By: Hootman
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2009 at 3:25am
What happened?  I didn't see any of them.

Posted By: Triple J
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2009 at 3:31am
Originally posted by Hootman Hootman wrote:

What happened?  I didn't see any of them.
Hah! Me neither!

Posted By: Christine
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2009 at 3:47am
Pffffft. Most of those "subliminal" ads were an urban myth. And *why* would you NEED to subliminally write "SEX" in Farah's pinup?! Try doing that with a photo of Margaret Thatcher and see if it works.
I don't even recall seeing any of the one-second ads. But I have a strange craving for Miller Beer....... LOL Seriously, though- when were they??

Posted By: regulus
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2009 at 3:57am

You missed a year of school because you came down with a case of WHAT?!!!

Posted By: Irishman
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2009 at 6:36am
Me neither..did the air only during the pregame? I try not to watch anything til the national anthem.

Posted By: N-Dizzle
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2009 at 6:58am
I didn't see them.  So much for that.


Posted By: N-Dizzle
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2009 at 6:59am
Or one more appropriate for the topic:


Posted By: SabreRoseTiger
Date Posted: 03 Feb 2009 at 1:43am
Didn't see 'em either. I fail too.

Posted By: erod550
Date Posted: 03 Feb 2009 at 2:29am
I thought they were funny.  I like the High Life guy.
Eleven dollars for a hamburger you must be crazy.

Posted By: cornflake
Date Posted: 03 Feb 2009 at 8:36pm
I saw one of them, where were the rest?

Posted By: Thor
Date Posted: 03 Feb 2009 at 9:13pm
I didn't see any.  Even worse was that I told people about them, and they were waiting to see them.

Posted By: Chet Desmond
Date Posted: 08 Feb 2009 at 7:54pm
Saw only one here....

Posted By: kk218
Date Posted: 10 Feb 2009 at 2:40am
Only one of them aired during the SuperBowl. The rest were pregame.

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