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A Candy Crush Game Show!!??

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Topic: A Candy Crush Game Show!!??
Posted By: Ad nauseous
Subject: A Candy Crush Game Show!!??
Date Posted: 26 May 2017 at 2:23am
I've seen promos and advertisements on the lower third of screen saying a Candy Crush Game Show is premiering after Big Brother. Boy can I stand the excitement!

One good thing about TV-you could always turn it off

Posted By: Donathan
Date Posted: 26 May 2017 at 2:35am
Seems like a beyond stupid, beyond horrible idea for a game show to me!

My name is Donathan, pronounced the same way you pronounce Jonathan, except with a D. :D $608 for her brother's scooter. Fair is fair my ass. Being tough on Public Access TV is priceless.

Posted By: MrTim
Date Posted: 26 May 2017 at 5:50am
Now that soon-to-be-defunded PBS is going off the air and the police shot & killed the Teletubbies, the poor kiddies need at least one insipidly mindless entertaining show to watch...  Wink

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Posted By: sgtrock21
Date Posted: 26 May 2017 at 4:20pm
The only game show I ever purposefully watched was Jeopardy. Now 90%+ of TV is some sort of competition. I hate it. Idiocracy has definitely arrived.Cry

EEEEts All so REEEdEEEculous

Posted By: aka ron
Date Posted: 26 May 2017 at 7:10pm
^ I've been forced to watch Jeopardy a lot lately...didn't Alex make a mistake last night?  Shocked

How could that happen?  He knows everything!!  He can shove his 'Colonial Penn' where the sun don't shine.

And this?  Say it ain't so!!
 I'd rather stimulate any motor function left at a place like this rather than with some stupid game on my phone.

Posted By: crainbebo
Date Posted: 31 May 2017 at 11:21pm
This could be the worst game show in years. I guess Les Moonves needs more revenue while his wife's running Big Brother. Still a guilty pleasure to watch, but last season was awful.

Sick and tired of Charter Spectrum (and Flo!)

Posted By: EricTHoff
Date Posted: 17 Jun 2017 at 12:58am
Not to bump the post but they've got a game show about EMOJIS. You know, those stupid obnoxious little icons? I'm dead serious, check game show network or something, I think it's called emojigenesis or something.

Posted By: MrTim
Date Posted: 17 Jun 2017 at 4:48am
(rewrites Candy Crush game show)
"Okay contestants, this is how we play the game!  You run back and forth, avoiding the 100 pound pieces of candy we throw at and drop on you, while grabbing the dollar bills we blow at you with the wind machine!  However, if you get knocked out or crushed, you are out of the game!  But, you do get to keep any money you've stuffed into your clothes (or other orifices), or sticks to your blood-spattered bodies*!  So good luck...  aaand, START!"
*  The blood doesn't have to be your own  (Hint, that's a play tip!)

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Posted By: regulus
Date Posted: 17 Jun 2017 at 7:17am
I have an idea for a new game show. It's called Who Wants To Buy A Farm. Contestants partake a series of stunts, each one more dangerous than the previous stunt. Those who successfully do all 16 stunts will win enough money (after taxes) to purchase a 400 acre farm in the US. What if they fail? They've bought the farm, Dead TOO BAD! LOL

Poiuyt Power!!!

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